New on 500px : Marble Chapels – 大理石教堂 by IlFotografo

The marble chapels are caves that emerge from Lake General Carrera, the second largest in South America after Titicaca. They are mineral formations (marble) that the erosion of crystalline water has generated over the years. The constant work of the lake has turned this place into a gift for all visitors.

Tech Detail: The photo has been taken from a moving boat and the scene has a dynamic range of at least 10 EV. I had to choose ISO 1600 to use a convenient shutter speed.

大理石教堂是从卡提拉湖(Lake General Carrera)出来的洞穴,这是南美第二大喀喀湖(Titicaca)之后的南美洲。 它们是矿物结构(大理石),多年来结晶水的侵蚀已经产生。 湖的不断工作已将这个地方变成了所有参观者的礼物。

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