500px Editors’ Choice : The walking beduin by raziliescu

A beduin is walking on sand in Wadi Rum desert

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New on 500px : The Wave by tomasbures

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New on 500px : Evening rainbow by Rericha

New on 500px : Dolomiti Moon by etienneruff

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New on 500px : Fitz Roy by IlFotografo

There is no doubt that it is a special hill where you look. Its height, its origin, its texture and its silhouette make it different from the rest. This is how even the best climbers in the world feel it.

毫無疑問,這是一個你看起來很特別的小山。 它的高度,起源,紋理和輪廓使其與其他的不同。 這就是世界上最好的登山者也能感受到的

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