500px Editors’ Choice : The walking beduin by raziliescu

A beduin is walking on sand in Wadi Rum desert

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500px Editors’ Choice : Fantasia by mattymeis

Last fall Marc Adamus told me about an extremely remote area in the Canadian Rockies nestled between some of the tallest peaks in the region. He gave me some insight on getting there and exploring, which included landing a chopper on a small slab of rock and downclimbing down a mountain. That seemed to be a little over my head as there was no info to be found on the route Marc suggested, so I continued to do research through the winter. I eventually came across an alternate route, which included 30 miles of bushwacking and 30 miles of packrafting. It was out of the way from where Marc suggested, but during the research process I found some other peaks that looked Himalayan-like almost, glaciated and super jagged. It seemed like a great adventure. I mentioned the trip to others and eventually convinced Max Foster and Ben Prom to join me this summer. We did the trip three weeks ago and it was more of an adventure than photo trip, as the light wasn’t the greatest and it ended up being the toughest backcountry trip that I’ve ever done. I’ll include more trip details in a future post. We camped 1/4 mile from this waterfall unknowingly and came across it the next day. We were supposed to have a full day of hiking, but decided to camp here because of the amazing alignment of elements. We never got the great light, but had to process something. The waterfall was awesome and we worked hard for it, very hard.

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500px Editors’ Choice : Stand Strong by TjThorne

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Oregon Coast Photography Workshop


A lone larch tree in The Enchantments strives to bask in the light while it endures a snowy gust of wind. Stand strong little guy. I know how it feels to have to focus on the bright side while riding out the struggles in life.

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New on 500px : natural bridge at midnight by markbowenfineart

Natural Bridge in Yoho Park at midnight just 3 km 2 miles in from the highway. I could not see anything when shooting this in the dark. I have been back at daylight

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